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A sneak preview of our beautiful venue for the 57th International Making Cities Livable conference

IMCL Executive Director Michael Mehaffy leads a short video tour of the main venue space, the main hotel next door, and the surrounding City of Carmel - offering a fascinating in-depth case study of suburban retrofit tools and strategies.

Video tour of the IMCL venue. Thanks to the City of Carmel for archival footage.

As US vaccination rates surge, preparations are in place for our IN PERSON conference on the future of livable cities, in Carmel, Indiana, June 8-12.

Carmel is a fitting venue for this important gathering as we emerge form the coronavirus pandemic and assess the challenges it has revealed, and also exacerbated. Carmel is an impressive and instructive USA case study of trans- formation from a sprawling bedroom suburb to a walkable, diverse, thriving and livable town, as the video shows. Using Carmel as one concrete case study, we’ll ask, what are the effective new tools and strategies to bring positive change to cities, towns and suburban areas? What are the barriers Carmel and other similar success stories faced, and how did they overcome them? Or if they didn’t, what can we learn from those lessons too?

And we’ll examine other related challenges for cities and towns today, including the crisis of affordable housing, the need for climate resilience and adaptation, promoting neighborhood health, achieving urban equity, promoting active mobility, age-friendly cities, neighborhoods for children, and much more.

Lastly, we'll celebrate the life and legacy of our co-founder, Suzanne Lennard. Since its founding in 1985 by Suzanne and her late husband Henry, the IMCL has become a premier international leadership conference on urban quality of life. These unique gatherings have brought together many of the world’s most innovative and successful mayors, planners, economic development specialists, designers, developers, NGO officials, and researchers and scholars. This exceptional peer-to-peer event, limited to 350 participants, will allow you to share the latest strategies and tools to promote health, well-being, prosperity and livability in your city or town. Please join us as we celebrate and build on Suzanne's legacy!

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