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Good news from Dr. Anthony Fauci, pointing to IMCL live conference proceeding in June

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

In spite of the slow start of vaccinations, he still expects that by April, "everyone will be able to get a vaccine."

The Palladium Concert Hall in Carmel, our venue for the June conference, with ample space for social distancing. Shown here is seating for 250 people, all spread out more than 6 feet apart.

Although the initial vaccine rollout has been slower than hoped, Dr. Anthony Fauci -- chief medical adviser to incoming President Biden -- believes we are on track to get widespread distribution by April. "As the months go by, I would expect by the time we get to April, it will be what we call open season on vaccines. Everyone will be able to get a vaccine," Dr. Fauci told NPR News. The Lennard Institute staff is monitoring this situation closely, and believes the conditions are still good for an exciting live event in Carmel, June 8-12. For many of us, this will be the first time to gather in person, and exchange important peer-to-peer lessons from the pandemic and beyond.

At the same time, the staff is not assuming that life will be entirely back to normal. Our beautiful venue, the Palladium Concert Hall, will provide ample space for social distancing in comfort. With state of the art audio and video, all seats should be good seats. We will also have many outdoor events and tours. For those who still cannot physically attend -- perhaps just because of their international location -- we are looking into distance participation technology, so that they can do so remotely.

The Palladium during a concert by the Indigo Girls in 2018.

With these and other precautions, and with the encouraging reports from Dr. Fauci and others, we are excited about moving forward with the conference. More information and registration options are available from the menu above. We hope very much to see you in person in Carmel

Scenes from Carmel, clockwise from top left: The farmers' market and festival events just outside the Palladium; the spacious plan of the Palladium; bicyclists on a new hike and bike trail through the city; and a lively street scene in the Arts District.

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