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Season's Greetings from the IMCL Directors and Board of Stewards!

Looking forward to a better year ahead, and an inspiring International Making Cities Livable conference and celebration in Carmel, Indiana USA, June 8-12

The IMCL Board of Stewards, shown alphabetically from left to right, and top to bottom. The full list with affiliations is below.

We are all looking forward to the New Year, and to the promise of the COVID-19 vaccines in the months ahead. We are also looking forward to gathering at last in person for the IMCL conference in June, in beautiful and livable Carmel, Indiana. The city, our gracious host, will be a fitting showcase success story of transformation from a car-dependent suburb of Indianapolis to a walkable mixed town, with new markets, civic venues, shops, hike and bike trails, parks and much more. We will share peer-to-peer, in-depth lessons and useful tools for livable and sustainable cities, including Carmel, as well as many other cities in the USA and the world. We hope you will join us, and share your own lessons!

Meanwhile, the Board of Stewards sends its greetings, along with news of some recent additions. Most recent is Ricardo Arturo Fernández Gómez, Director of Development for the State of Jalisco, Mexico. Ricardo was formerly an official at the World Resource Institute's Center for Sustainable Transport/EMBARQ in Mexico City. Currently he is Director of Development for the State of Jalisco, Mexico (which includes Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta), where he is doing research work in sustainable and livable urban development. We're excited to have him, and to hear more about his fascinating work!

Ricardo Arturo Fernández Gómez

Director of Development for the State of Jalisco

Also recently joining us are:

Zaheer Allam, Ph.D., an urban strategist with Visio Architecture Ltd. in Mauritius, and Chair of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) chapter of the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism (INTBAU), a patronage of the Prince of Wales based in London. Zaheer earned his Ph.D. working with Peter Newman at Curtin University (AU), where IMCL Executive Director Michael Mehaffy was an examiner and advisor. He has already won many awards as a dynamic young leader in the field!

Professor Patrick Condon, already known to many IMCL attendees, and Professor of Urban Design at the University of British Columbia. He is an articulate critic of many of the orthodoxies of practice, as well as a visionary on the solutions we need. His fine new book Sick City: Disease, Race, Inequality and Urban Land is shortly coming out, published by Levellers Press in Amherst, MA.

Ngoc Nguyen, Ph.D., Professor of Architecture and former head of school at Da Nang University of Science and Technology, Vietnam, and former colleague of Michael Mehaffy and fellow Board member Emily Talen at Arizona State University, where he earned his Ph.D. He has done leading work on Christopher Alexander's generative design concepts.

Ayanda Roji, General Manager of Research, Policy and Knowledge Management at the City of Johannesburg, South Africa. Ayanda worked with Executive Director Michael Mehaffy, and with fellow board member and UN-Habitat official Laura Petrella, on a number of UN-Habitat sessions as well as two sessions at the AfriCities conference by UCLG-Africa. She is just now launching the Centre on African Public Spaces, a very exciting new multi-partner initiative. We hope to hear more about this important work in the near future.

Our full Board of Stewards -- an impressive group, we think you will agree! -- now includes:

  1. Allam, Zaheer, urban strategist, Visio Architecture Ltd, Mauritius

  2. Brainard, James, Mayor of Carmel, IN, USA

  3. Burrell, John, Architect, UK

  4. Condon, Patrick, Professor of Urban Design, University of British Columbia

  5. Dunham-Jones, Ellen, Professor, Georgia Tech, USA

  6. Ferguson, George, architect, past president, RIBA and former Mayor, Bristol, UK.

  7. Fernández Gómez, Ricardo Arturo, Director of Development, State of Jalisco, Mexico

  8. Jackson, Richard, Professor Emeritus of Public Health, UCLA, USA

  9. Low, Setha, Professor, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA

  10. Lykoudis, Michael, Professor, former Dean, University of Notre Dame, USA

  11. Mahdjoubi, Lamine, Dip. Arch, M.Phil, PhD is Professor of the Built Environment, at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

  12. Mazzola, Ettore, Professor, University of Notre Dame, USA

  13. Miguelez, Alain, Manager of Policy Planning, City of Ottawa, Canada

  14. Nguyen, Ngoc, Professor, University of Da Nang, Vietnam

  15. Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark, Research Professor, IS Global Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Spain

  16. Petrella, Laura, Head of Planning, Finance and Economy, Urban Practices Branch, UN-Habitat, Kenya

  17. Phillips, Rick, architect, San Francisco, USA

  18. Plater-Zyberk, Elizabeth, architect, DPZ CoDesign, Professor, University of Miami, USA

  19. Roji, Ayanda, General Manager, Research, Policy and Knowledge Management, City of Johannesburg, South Africa

  20. Stafford, Philip, Co-Design Director, Commons Planning, Inc. and former Professor of Anthropology, Indiana University.

  21. Talen, Emily, Professor, University of Chicago, USA

  22. von Ungern-Sternberg, Sven, Governor of State of Süd-Baden, and former Mayor of Freiburg, Germany

From the entire Board of Stewards, and our Executive Board (Michael Mehaffy, Peter Elmlund, Tigran Haas) and our Manager, Leslie Chanter, we wish you a wonderful holiday, and we hope to see you in Carmel!

L-R Michael Mehaffy, Executive Director; Peter Elmlund, Director; Tigran Haas, Director; and Leslie Chanter, Manager

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